• Mon - Sat 7.30AM - 4.00PM
  • 104C Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013. P.O. Box 12143, Penrose
  • 09 636 6340
  • Mon - Sat 7.30AM - 4.00PM
  • 104C Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013. P.O. Box 12143, Penrose
  • 09 636 6340

About Us

All Marine Glazing is an Auckland-based marine window, door and hatch fabricating workshop. We create custom fixtures to meet our clients’ needs precisely and cover all types of marine vessels, from motor boats and catamarans to yachts of any size. Our company caters to the needs of both private and business customers.

Our Mission

It is our commitment to make custom boat hatches, windows and doors giving our customers the comfort, convenience and security which they require when they are at sea. We build the fixtures to be strong, durable and resistible to all adverse environmental effects. Our team always establishes effective communication and collaboration with the customers. Rely on us to be highly flexible – we are easily able to join any project for boat building, restoration and fixing and to work onsite, when required.

Our Vision

As marine vessels become more sophisticated so do the doors, windows and hatches for them. We combine our rich experience with all the latest trends in the making of these fixtures to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our creations are made to last for decades with minimal maintenance ensuring that you will have the safest and most pleasant journey every time you go out to sea.

Our Team

At All Marine Glazing, we have a team of highly qualified professionals who love designing and making boat windows, doors and hatches. Our specialists combine expert knowledge and dexterity to give customers exactly what they have envisioned. We are meticulous and accurate in our work to ensure that all our creations fit precisely and do their job effectively over the course of many years. Everyone on our team is friendly and easy to talk to. It’s our pleasure to answer the questions of our customers and to provide detailed consultation before starting to work on a project.

Our Process

We are easy to locate and to reach and always happy to welcome boat enthusiasts who are looking for first-class customization. Our workshop is well-organized and so is our production process. With careful planning and a strict schedule, we deliver what our clients want, exactly when required. Our focus is on time-efficiency and cost-efficiency. Our company has an excellent record of meeting even tight deadlines.

Our Equipment

All our machines and tools are modern and maintained in excellent working condition. They enable us to achieve the highest level of precision in our work and to deliver absolutely perfect doors, hatches and windows for boats. We are committed to regular equipment upgrading as part of our strategy for maintaining superior service and product quality.

Our Materials

We are always extra careful to select high-quality material from leading manufacturers in order to make the best marine fixtures. The materials meet the highest standards in marine vessel building. Rest assured that we’ll use the strongest aluminium with the most protective finish and the toughest and clearest glass there is to give you fabulous custom boat windows, for example.

We’re glad that you have taken the time to learn about All Marine Glazing. Discover our services or contact us directly to share details on your new boat project with our team.